Emmaus Pathway


Eternal Security of the Believer

• It's not all about you

• Death in Adam

• Life in Christ

• The Hebrews Paradox

Lessons from the Life of Abram

• Faith and Obedience:The Call of Abram

• Faith and Patience:The Birth of Ishmael

Spiritual Warfare

• Know your Enemy: Fall of a Rebel

• Know your Enemy: Rebellion on Earth

• Israel under Attack

Gospel Truths

• Nature of Sin: The Good Samaritan


• Kingdom of Heaven 1: Millennialism


This message explains the true meaning of Redemption and describes the steps that God has taken to secure our eternal Salvation.

Why do we all get the blame for Adam's sin? A discussion of how Adam's transgression has affected all mankind. This message explains the mechanism by which sin has infected the human race.

Christ is the last Adam. A message explaining how Christ transmits life to the believer in just the same way as Adam transmitted death to the entire human race. The concepts of Federal Headship, Representation and Substituion are discussed in detail.

This message explains the true context of the book of Hebrews. Certain passages have often been seen to throw doubt on the doctrine of Once Saved Always Saved but this closer examination of Hebrews will allay these fears.

Abraham was called by God to leave his native city and journey to the unknown land of Canaan. Each of us has also been called to inhabit a spiritual land. Abraham serves as our example of faith and obedience in responding to this call of God on our lives.

Having faith is not enough. The patriarchs inherited God's promises by faith and patience. This discussion of Ishmael's birth highlights the necessity of not trying to make things happen but of patiently waiting on God to fullfill his promises in our lives.

This message discusses the nature of Lucifer, explains the reasons for his rebellion against God and tells the story of his subsiquent explulsion from Heaven.

Having been expelled from Heaven, the fallen Lucifer sought to seduce mankind into repeating his own sin of pride and disobedience. This message details his encounter with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and its subsequent effect on the human race.

The Story of the Good Samaritan in Luke chapter 10 and what it teaches us about the true nature of Sin. In this message we discuss the reasons why we cannot inherit eternal life and why a new spiritual birth is the only way of salvation.

An account of how demonic angel-princes came to control the nations of the earth. The story of Yahweh's formation of Israel, its rebellious decline into idol worship, its separation from God and it's ultimate restoration.

A brief critical outline of the three differing views on the timing of Christ's return to the Earth and his establishment of an Earthy kingdom.

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